Vlads Test Target

Hi-Res 35 mm targets

USAF 1951 Test targets on high resolution film will help you align and fine-tune your digital camera scanning rig to get the most from your priceless negatives and slides. Classic USAF 1951 charts have been strategically placed in the center, corners and sides of the frames to allow photographer check the focus and alignment reliably and quickly. Those frames shown above are no longer available except on the secondary market, but new design below has all the features from above and some improvements as well. The resolution chart below is applicable to both old and new 35 mm targets. Order here.

Type 120 (roll) Film targets

Siemens stars and USAF 1951 targets placed strategically across the frame will help you put the film holder in the precise position for fast focusing and optimal digital capture. Will work for 6x6, 6x4.5, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9, 6x12 negatives and transparencies. See description below for the new superior offering. Order here.

NeW 35 mm Targets

New 35 mm targets has been developed based on the feedback from the community. Extra Siemens stars has been around the center to help with focusing and alignment. The resolution lookup table has been placed on the film directly. Order here.

New Type 120 targets

New type 120 targets are available now in Negative (NG69) and Positive (PO69) flavors. Each strip comprised of two frames 6x9 and 6x6 and effectively can be used for any medium format film (including panorama shots). New strips have exceptional consistency from the edge to the center to the edge of the frame. Order here.


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Targets Resolution Charts

The charts below contain lookup information pertaining the resolution of the images digitally captured from the film targets. As a matter of personal advice I (Vlad) would not recommend putting too much of emphasis on the absolute resolution numbers below. IMHO, the consistency of the captured image across the whole frame is more important for successful camera scanning operation then achieving higher resolution at any given region on your film original. Typically, having 35 mm target resolved at Group 0 Element 2 is the very good result for the decent 24 MP camera and true macro lens.

Chart 1. Use this chart for the old and new 35 mm strips on Adox CMS 20 Pro film.

Chart 2. Use this chart for current Universal Target PO69 or NG69 on Type 120 film strips. This chart is also applicable to legacy Agfa Copex Rapid strips (see Chart 3 below)

Chart 3. Use this chart for previous version of Type 120 film strips on Agfa Copex Rapid film only. Note: this chart is applicable to the new PO69 and NG69 version of Type 120 strip (see Chart 2 above).

Chart 4. Here is comparison of microphotographs of PO69, NG69 and Agfa Copex Rapid USAF1951 charts around Group 0.